Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stay tuned for the January Bucket List

With New Year’s around the corner, I’m sure many of you have resolutions in mind. Whether or not you have had success achieving resolutions in the past, it never hurts to set out to improve your life. So throughout the month of January I'll create a bucket list in which I will suggest one New Year’s Practice each day that will give you a taste of living an integrated life for 2011.  Each one is meant to be done in one day. So don’t worry about making them full fledged habits for the year, as we know that a lot of resolutions fade quickly (some studies show that only 12% of people who set resolutions achieve them).  For now, just find a way to work on them the day you read them. My hope is that you’ll start the year well, and maybe pick up a couple of good habits along the way.  Pass them on and even challenge others to do them with you.  And then share about your experience in the comments section if you feel led. Also, I’m not exempt from a little life tune-up, so I’ll be practicing them each day as well.

Stay tuned, I'll begin posting them January 1.

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